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Kostromaenergo in 2020 plans to increase the volume of grid automation by one and a half times


The branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” continues the implementation of the first stage of the Digital Transformation Concept. As part of this work, in 2019, power engineers installed modern digital equipment on 15 power lines: 16 reclosers, 15 remotely controlled disconnectors and 3 sets of short-circuit indicators. This led to a 24.3% decrease in failure rates in the branch’s grids.

In 2020, work in this direction will be continued, while Kostromaenergo plans to increase the automation of the grid by 1.5 times.

Other projects of the Concept will continue to be implemented, including the Digital Electrician, Digital Radio Communication, GLONASS Motor Vehicles, and telemechanization of substations. The project on creating a smart metering system will be fully completed.

Currently, the power engineers are carrying out work on the reconstruction of the Grid Control Centre, the creation of the digital Distribution Zone in the Nerekhtsky district, as well as the reconstruction of the 110/35/10/6 kV substation “Nerekhta-1”. As a result of equipping the power facility with modern equipment and control systems, one hundred percent observability of substations will be ensured, electricity metering will be automated, and the reliability of power supply to consumers in the Kostroma region will increase.

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