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Kurskenergo’s specialists conducted a series of electrical safety lessons for schoolchildren and students in the city of Kursk


Employees of the branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” conducted lessons on prevention of electrical injuries for pupils in grades 6-7 of secondary school No. 32 with in-depth study of individual subjects named after reverend Seraphim of Sarov and 1-2 year students of the department “Power Supply by Industry” of the Kursk Railway College - a branch of St. Petersburg State University of Railways of Emperor Alexander I in Kursk. The events were attended by over 200 schoolchildren and students.

The power engineers reminded the schoolchildren and students of the rules of electrical safety, drew attention to safety signs and posters placed on electrical installations, spoke about the inadmissibility of penetration into transformer substations, climbing poles of power lines, roofs of garages and houses where wires and communications are located. The pupils and students learned how to behave when they are next to a sagging wire and go out of their affected zone of a dangling wire.

Also, the branch’s specialists demonstrated thematic videos to the lesson participants, and then on the training simulator “George” showed them first-aid techniques for victims of electric shock. The children and young people listened with interest to the power engineers, then the children themselves tried to “revive” the dummy.

Thematic classes are held to prevent cases of electrical injuries among children. This work is carried out by Kurskenergo’s specialists systematically, as part of a comprehensive program for prevention of third-party injuries at Rosseti Centre’s facilities. During the year, the branch’s energy specialists will conduct at least 500 lessons on electrical safety in educational institutions of the Kursk region, in which more than 3,000 children will take part.

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