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The basics of electrical safety for the population are in a series of posters from Belgorodenergo “Protect yourself from electric shock”


Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo has developed a series of posters on electrical safety for the public. Power engineers plan to distribute them in public places and in educational institutions at lessons on prevention of electrical injuries.

The series consists of eight posters covering the most important rules of conduct near electrical installations. According to the power engineers, an understanding of prohibitions will help avoid troubles, since many actions in the security zone of power lines pose a threat to human life.

The posters, in particular, talk about the ban on construction of buildings and structures in security zones of power lines, the dangers of storing soil and building materials, the inadmissibility of unauthorized logging of trees and fishing under wires of overhead power lines. It is useful for drivers of hoisting equipment to know what threat is loading and unloading in the immediate vicinity of power facilities, and for adolescents what threats they face on roofs of buildings and structures.

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