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Yaroslavl power engineers restored street lighting in Tveritsa


Specialists of the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” replaced 45 outdoor lamps and repaired seven lighting fixtures in the “Tveritsa” micro-district of the city of Yaroslavl. Since the beginning of this year, in total, in the regional centre, the power engineers have checked 2,200 street lighting poles and brackets, 800 lighting fixtures have been repaired, and 1,400 blown lamps have been replaced.

In the “Tveritsa” micro-district, residents and representatives of territorial public self-governments conducted a survey and compiled a list of burned out lamps. The list was transferred to the unified duty dispatch service of the city, from where the application was submitted to the Yarenergo branch.

Residents of Yaroslavl thanked the power engineers and the city hall for the prompt inclusion of the application in the schedule of restoration work and its implementation. “Thank you for replacing all non-burning lamps in the shortest possible time,” Svetlana Krauzold, Chair of the Tveritsa Public Self-Government Committee, expressed appreciation.

Please, be remined that since January 2020, the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo”, in the framework of the contract with the public institution “Agency for Municipal Housing and Utilities” of Yaroslavl, has been providing street lighting services. Every day, at the request of the city hall, work is underway to replace lamps and repair lighting fixtures, priority is given to highways and major avenues with dense traffic and many people.

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