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Yaroslavl power engineers - for outdoor activities


Last weekend, the XI winter rally of employees of the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” “YaroSlavnaya Energo Maslenitsa 2020”, held by the trade union organization of the branch, took place in the “Zabava” family leisure park for outdoor activities.

The program was attended by over 150 people. Tug of war, throwing logs at a distance and other competitions traditional for Shrovetide were prepared for the participants. The female half of the team competed in cooking pancakes on fire. Children of employees, along with adults, took part in entertaining competitions. The festivities culminated in the burning of the straw effigy of Shrovetide, a symbol of the passing winter.

Promotion of outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle is one of the important directions of the social policy of Yarenergo, as well as the trade union organization of the branch. Such sports and recreational activities contribute to team building, development of corporate values ​​and help employees better establish interaction among themselves at workplaces.

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