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Tambovenergo contributes to the environmental safety of the region


The branch “Rosseti Centre Tambovenergo” summed up the implementation of the Environmental Safety Program for 2019. The planned indicators of the document were completed on time and in full, for these purposes the company allocated more than 5 million rubles.

A large amount of work was carried out by power engineers in terms of reducing the environmental impact of production and consumption wastes, protecting atmospheric air and water resources. Accumulated waste worth more than 504 thousand rubles was transferred to specialized organizations for neutralization and disposal. One of the main events in 2019 was the disposal of equipment containing polychlorinated biphenyls and trichlorodiphenyl - chemicals that are among the most dangerous organic pollutants, more than 3 million rubles were spent on this.

Instrumental monitoring of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere was regularly conducted to ensure compliance of their volumes with established standards, as well as control checks of water quality indicators.

Also, during the indicated period, the power engineers replaced more than 193.00 km of non-insulated wire on overhead lines of 0.4 - 35 kV with protected self-supporting insulated wire, which improves the reliability of power supply, reduces the cutting area of routes and completely eliminates the death of birds on lines.

In 2019, Tambovenergo’s specialists installed 2 vacuum circuit breakers at the 10 kV Industrial substation and 1 vacuum circuit breaker at the 35 kV Stolovskaya substation, replaced five batteries at the 110 kV Teleshovskaya substation, 110 kV Tambovskaya No. 8 substation, the 110 kV Kovylskaya substation, the 110 kV Komsomolskaya substation, the 110 kV Spasskaya substation, and also replaced four oil-filled bushings with ones with solid insulation, which reduces the risk of soil pollution, at the same time, this equipment has a high degree of reliability and is fireproof.

“Carrying out the measures stipulated by the Program, Tambovenergo contributes to the environmental safety of the region,” stressed Nikolay Bogomolov, Deputy General Director - Director of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tambovenergo”.

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