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Belgorod power engineers connected the Stary Oskol “Willow” and Novy Oskol “Bee” kindergartens to the grid


Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo provided connection of the Stary Oskol “Willow” and Novy Oskol “Bee” kindergartens to the grid and a kindergarten for 99 children with a primary school for 100 children in the residential area of individual housing construction “Streletskoye-59”.

In particular, to connect the kindergarten - primary school in “Streletskoye-59” with the customer contract demand of 149.5 kW to the centralized power supply, the power engineers constructed 0.3 km of 0.4-10 kV cable lines and commissioned a package transformer substation equipped with telemetry devices with transmission of information to the City Control Centre of the Belgorodsky Distribution Zone.

The power supply of another kindergarten for 99 places will be provided no later than the first quarter of this year in the micro-district of individual housing construction “Maisky-8”. In addition, Belgorodenergo already connected to the grid in 2019 a number of similar new buildings built according to a standard project and designed to provide micro-districts of individual housing construction with the necessary infrastructure.

In addition to the kindergartens, in the first quarter the power engineers plan to connect a school and a kindergarten to the grid in the village of Monakovo of the Stary Oskol city district, and a new school in the village of Krutoy Log. It is planned to complete the construction of the facilities this year.

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