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Smolenskenergo provided electricity to new apartment buildings


In 2019, the branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” provided connection to electric grids for about two dozen apartment buildings in the territory of the city of Smolensk, Gagarin, Vyazma, and other settlements of the Smolensk region. The measures taken made it possible to ensure the connection of new housing units with a total capacity of 1,270 kW.

Work on providing electricity to residential buildings of the regional centre is ongoing. In February and March, two ten-story houses were connected in the settlement of Odintsovo and in the street Normandy Neman - Tsiolkovsky Lane - Z. Kosmodemyanskaya. In April, the branch provided grid connection to another apartment building on Dosugovsky highway, in September and October two apartment buildings in the village of Kiselevka were connected.

Grid connection was also carried out in other settlements of the region. In May, an apartment building of LLC Invest Group in Vyazma was connected. Two residential buildings of LLC Daleps were connected during the year in the city of Safonovo, one residential building of LLC Building Group - in the Smolensky district.

For the execution of contracts for grid connection of housing units, the power engineers prepared projects and completed the planned technical measures.

Grid connection of housing facilities for the branch is among the priority areas. Despite the rapid growth in the number of applications for grid connection, the power engineers pay special attention to socially important facilities and housing construction projects, performing annually a large amount of grid connections. The social situation in the region and the comfort of residents of the region depend on the quality and timely fulfillment of obligations under grid connection agreements.

In total, in 2019, Smolenskenergo’s power engineers fulfilled 3,017 grid connection agreements.

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