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Belgorodenergo’s specialists told future truck drivers about the rules for organizing work near power lines


The next training session on prevention of electrical injuries was conducted by specialists of Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo for cadets of the Belgorod driving school of DOSAAF Russia.

The future category C driving license holders (trucks) learned about the main causes of electric shock, “step voltage” and how to get out of the danger zone, the rules of conduct inside a car that got into the electric shock zone. 

“If specialized vehicles have touched wires, it is impossible for the driver to leave the salon in order to save his life,” Marina Paramonova, a leading engineer for industrial safety and production control, explained. “The man is safe while in the car.” Keeping calm, you should contact power engineers via the round-the-clock telephone 13-50 to turn off the power to the line. If a fire starts and you urgently need to leave the cabin, you must jump so that you land on both legs at the same time, and then with a “goose” step, without taking your feet off the ground and from each other, leave the danger zone for 8-10 metres. During the jump, it is important to exclude the simultaneous contact of the car body and the ground.”

Marina Paramonova emphasized that bulky transport is strictly forbidden to travel on a highway with a raised body - the driver can catch the power line crossing the road and get under voltage. If necessary, the overhead lines can be raised to the desired height. To do this, contact the nearest Distribution Zone of Belgorodenergo. In addition, it is mortally dangerous in the immediate vicinity of the power lines to carry out loading, unloading, construction and other work.

“Most accidents related to electrical injuries are caused by the victims themselves. One of the reasons is non-compliance with the safety rules,” the leading engineer noted

According to Dmitry Litvinov, a cadet of the Belgorod driving school of DOSAAF Russia, such classes are very useful - any professional driver should know how to behave in an extreme situation, but it’s better never to put your life in jeopardy.

It should be noted that such classes are organized by power engineers regularly, the main purpose of such meetings is to prevent the death of people as a result of careless handling of electricity.

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