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Specialists of Rosseti Centre Voronezhenergo equipped over 1,300 transformer substations with integrated electricity metering and remote control systems in 2019


The branch “Rosseti Centre Voronezhenergo” summed up the results of the program for automation of an electricity metering system and remote control of transformer substations. In 2019, Voronezhenergo’s experts installed more than 1,300 metering cabinets, 977 of them with remote control functions, at transformer substations of 6-10/0.4 kV. More than 160 million rubles were allocated for these purposes.

The bulk of the installation work was carried out in Distribution Zones of Voronezhenergo included in the pilot program for the creation of the Digital Distribution Zone. So, in the Ramonsky district over the past year, the power engineers installed over 320 cabinets for electricity metering and remote control at transformer substations, installed about the same number in Novousmansky, in Semiluksky - more than 390, and in Khokholsky - 145.

The program implemented within the framework of the concept of digital transformation allows to reduce electric energy losses, as well as increase the observability of the electric grid. The equipment installed at the substations includes digital signal modules, telemechanics controllers and an automated electricity metering system that allow Voronezhenergo’s dispatchers to monitor the condition of the electric grid around the clock in real time, the key parameters of the power equipment, monitor the load of a facility, receive data about penetration of third parties to a power facility.

All data is transmitted via secure communication channels to a single control and monitoring system, which minimizes the response time to a grid violation, reduces the number of crews’ visits and remotely determines the cause of the equipment malfunction.

Work on the installation of automated systems for electric energy metering system and remote control at transformer substations will continue. In 2020, Voronezhenergo’s specialists plan to provide about 900 transformer substations of 6-10/0.4 kV with such systems.

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