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Kurskenergo checked the organization of safe work


The branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” held the next Safety Day.

This event is aimed at preventing occupational injuries, improving the safety culture of production and maintaining the health of employees.

On the Safety Day, commissions consisting of heads of specialized services and specialists of the technical unit of the branch checked the compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents on labour protection directly at workplaces of personnel. They checked the organization of safe work in existing electrical installations, the timeliness of repeated briefings on labour protection and fire safety.

Particular attention was paid to checking the status of operational schemes and instructions for relations with consumers, who have their own generating sources. The organization of switching operations in electrical installations, the recording and storage of switching orders in units was checked.

The commission also checked the availability of a list of hazardous places at workplaces, including power lines under induced voltage, poles on which it is forbidden to climb without the use of lifting structures and bring it under signature to all personnel associated with the organization and conduct of work on overhead lines.

An additional briefing on safety measures for driving vehicles in the winter was carried out with drivers. During practical classes, among employees of the services sales and development subdivisions of the branch, the knowledge and compliance with the requirements of labour protection rules during installation and operation of electricity meters were tested.

Following the results of the Safety Day, a list of measures to eliminate identified violations was developed. A report on its implementation will be presented at the next Safety Day, which will be held next month.

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