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In 2019 the failure rate in Tverenergo’s 6-110 kV grids was reduced by 35%


In 2019, in general, the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo” noted the reduction in the failure rate. In particular, the total number of emergency outages in 35-110 kV grids decreased by 40% compared to 2018, and in 6-10 kV grids by 33%.

Power engineers managed to achieve such results thanks to exercises held by Rosseti’s Group of Companies in the autumn of 2018 on the territory of the Tver branch of Rosseti Centre to organize interaction during the elimination of mass violations at electric grid facilities, systematic work to modernize the electric grid complex, implementation of new technologies, replacement of equipment, a systematic approach to repair of power facilities, advanced training of operating and repair personnel.

So, in 2019 all the planned work of the repair program was completed. 35 power transformers of 6-110 kV, 16 circuit breakers of 6-110 kV were repaired. The branch’s specialists repaired 743 transformer substations of 10/0.4 kV and 161 transformers of 10/0.4 kV. In order to increase the reliability of power supply throughout the Tver region, 1,404 km of 0.4-110 kV power lines were repaired, 23,424 insulators, 241.27 km of wires, 3,784 poles were replaced. On an area of more than 1,726 hectares, Tverenergo’s specialists cleared routes of 0.4-110 kV overhead lines from trees and shrubs.

The failure reduction rate is especially significant against the background of two hurricane cyclones that passed through the territory of the Upper Volga and damaged power lines in October and December of last year. The wind strength exceeded the mark of 25 m/s. Special attention was paid by the power engineers to the restoration of energy supply to territories whose power grid had the most significant damage - to the Vyshnevolotsky, Udomelsky city districts, Bezhetsky, Spirovsky, Maksatikhinsky, Bologovsky and Lesnoy districts.

Despite the difficult weather conditions comparable with extreme ones, the power engineers’ crews worked around the clock, the effects of the storm fronts were eliminated, and the power supply was restored in all settlements.

Governor of the Tver Region Igor Rudenya thanked Director General of Rosseti’s Group of Companies Pavel Livinskiy and the staff of the company for their effective work to restore the power supply in abnormal conditions, efficiency, professionalism and a high degree of responsibility.

To promptly respond to possible technological violations, Tverenergo formed 291 crews of constant readiness, including 13 - of increased mobility, ready at any time to go to a place of damage to electrical equipment, including in neighbouring regions. In order to coordinate emergency recovery operations, a system of Crisis Management Centres has been developed.

The staff is prepared for emergency response during training sessions.

“The failure rate affects the assessment of the effectiveness of the branch as a whole, therefore, we attach paramount importance to the work to reduce it. An important place in this activity is given to analysis of causes and indicators of technological violations. We strive to be proactive, and for this purpose, the branch implements a number of production programs, including scheduled repairs, timely diagnostics and maintenance of electrical equipment, expansion of ROWs and clearing of routes of overhead lines,” stresses Manvel Mazhonts, Deputy General Director - Director of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo”.

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