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Health care workers thanked Yarenergo for the restoration of street lighting near the clinic


For the prompt restoration of street lighting, the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” received a letter of gratitude from the medical centre located along Murmanskiy driveway in the city of Yaroslavl. In the text of the letter, employees of the medical institution noted that the lighting fixtures installed on the territory adjacent to the clinic did not light and created difficulties for the patients who arrived. The medical staff of the institution referred to a single duty dispatch service with an application for non-working street lighting. Having accepted the application from the duty dispatch service, specialists of Rosseti Centre Yarenergo drove to the place and replaced the blown out lamps. Thanks to the efforts of the Yaroslavl power engineers, the road to the medical centre became lit and safe.

“Following the principles of social responsibility, we take an active part in improvement projects in the region of our presence. Comfort and convenience of residents directly depends on the quality of street lighting in the regional centre, especially in the autumn-winter period, when the daylight hours are minimal. The Yarenergo branch is ready to provide street lighting services for the city and ensure its reliable operation. For this we have all the resources: trained personnel with appropriate approvals for works in electrical installations, a fleet of specialized vehicles and material and technical base,” stressed Manvel Mazhonts, Acting Deputy General Director - Director of the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo”.

Over the past month, Yarenergo’s employees, in the framework of the execution of agreements for maintenance of street lighting concluded between the municipal public institution “Agency for Municipal Housing and Utilities” of the city of Yaroslavl and the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo”, replaced more than 800 blown out lamps, inspected and repaired 416 lighting fixtures. Every day, at the request of the mayor’s office, crews of power engineers eliminate malfunctions in the operation of street lighting in the city’s streets. The restoration of street lighting on major highways of the city to ensure pedestrian and transport safety is a priority.

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