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Kostromaenergo opened a new season of the regional quiz for high school students on life safety


The first qualifying game of the quiz “What? Where? When?” on safety issues organized for schoolchildren in the region by the branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo”, the General Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Kostroma region, and the All-Russian Volunteer Fire Society.

A team of experts from the 8th grade answered questions from residents of the region that related to water safety, electrical and fire safety, as well as the history of fire protection, civil defense and first responding services. The guys were given two minutes to discuss each topic. The responses of the young experts were evaluated by experts from among the organizers of the quiz.

How do you need to move around the earth if you are in the zone of step voltage with a broken wire of a 10 kV overhead line? What should I do if the TV is smoking? What materials easily conduct electric current? How to behave properly if you have fallen through the ice? The schoolchildren answered these and many other questions with confidence and ultimately won with a score of 6:2.

The safety quiz started in early September 2019, until the end of last year, schoolchildren from grades 7-8 of four schools in the city of Kostroma took part in it. In the new year, the quiz continued; 2 more games will be held as part of it. Based on the results of all the games, one best player will be selected from the team of each school, who will be part of the united team to participate in the final game. It will be held in April. According to the results of the finals, the organizers will determine the best young expert in the field of life safety, who will receive a thematic prize as a gift.

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