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Rosseti Centre increases the number of grid connections in the Tver region


From January to December 2019, Tverenergo’s power engineers completed 4,586 contracts for connection of customers to electric grids, the total power supplied amounted to 80 MW.

Among the completed applications for connection to grids are several large agricultural and industrial facilities of Tver and the region.

So, the power engineers performed grid connection of a specialized workshop of the agricultural company “Dmitrov Gora” in the Konakovsky district, to connect which they replaced the existing transformer disconnector in the 10 kV bay with a disconnector with a high rated current at the 35/10 kV substation “Dmitrov Gora”.

One of the significant connections for the economic potential of the region was a new line for production of propylene film of Kamenka LLC in the city of Kuvshinovo of the Tver region. The company produces universal material used in the food and printing industries. The launch of the new production will attract additional investments in the economy of the region and the Tver region.

Another customer, whose application for grid connection was performed by power engineers of the Tver branch of Rosseti Centre in 2019, was the Comet Special Purpose Space Systems Corporation. Tverenergo’s employees completed the connection of the military-industrial complex in Vyshny Volochek. The company specializes in the development of large space information management systems and conducts research and development of equipment for observing space and ground objects from space.

An important area of activity of the Tver branch of Rosseti Centre is grid connection of social infrastructure facilities. In particular, Tverenergo connected several medical and obstetric centres of various medical institutions in the region to grids. So, in the village of Zaklinye, a 0.4 kV overhead line from the 10/0.4 kV overhead line “Zaklinye” was reconstructed to connect the village first-aid station of the Rameshkovskaya Central District Hospital. To connect a similar medical facility at the Bezhetskaya Central District Hospital, power engineers replaced a reinforced concrete pole, constructed a 0.4 kV overhead line section from a 10/0.4 kV transformer substation with a length of 0.03 km.

Significant for the region was the implementation of works on grid connection of a school under construction in the Brusilovo micro-district of the city of Tver, the first in the region modern institution of a new level, where more than 1,200 schoolchildren will study.

In total, over 30 social facilities were connected during the year, including 12 medical institutions, 19 village first-aid stations, 4 educational facilities.

“The grid connection of such important facilities is, without a doubt, a responsible and honourable mission for Tverenergo, since in this way Tver power engineers contribute to the development of the region’s economy and industry and help increase the region’s investment attractiveness,” stressed Deputy General Director - Director of the branch “Rosseti Tverenergo Centre” Manvel Mazhonts. “In the coming year, we have to solve many problems in this direction, and the energy company intends to make every effort to meet the needs of the population in electricity and reliable energy supply for each of the customers.”

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