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Lipetskenergo’s specialists introduce students to the energy profession


A career guidance tour for hundreds of students of the Lipetsk Polytechnic College was held at the branch “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo”.

Power engineers told the students of the specialties “Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment” and “Automated control systems” about the features of the dispatcher, the history of the evolution of the region’s electric grid complex, as well as social guarantees and prospects for professional development for young specialists.

Acquaintance with the energy profession began with a visit to the Grid Control Centre, where the students could see how the regional energy complex is displayed online on the video wall and how substations and routes of movement of on-site crews are video-controlled. Experts from the Lipetsk branch of Rosseti Centre told the future power engineers on implementation of the project of the Unified Grid Control Centre, which will allow monitoring and managing online all the electricity grid in the region from one point as early as next year.

The students were told about the development of the energy industry in the Lipetsk region from the first hydroelectric power stations to modern digital equipment in Lipetskenergo’s Museum of History. The students could learn more about future digital transformation projects of the company using an interactive stand. After demonstrating their knowledge of the electric power industry and professional ingenuity, the second-year students were able to participate in the quiz “Energy Wise Guys”, organized on the territory of the museum specifically for college students by the youth council.

At the end of the tour, representatives of the department of social relations answered all questions of the participants of the event about the advantages of working in the grid company and the opportunities for professional growth of young specialists. “Guidance tours in Lipetskenergo have already become part of our curriculum, because it is important for students to form a practical presentation at the stage of obtaining professional education about work in the energy sector and choose the right vector for further development,” stressed the teacher of the Lipetsk Polytechnic College Ilya Zarichnyuk.

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