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Kurskenergo’s specialists intensify work on prevention of electrical injuries to third parties


The branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” continues systematic work on prevention of children’s electrical injuries. Throughout the school year, energy specialists organize thematic lessons in schools in the city and districts of the Kursk region for children and adolescents. The power engineers held the next series of classes at the municipal budgetary general education institution “Secondary comprehensive school with in-depth study of individual subjects No. 55 named after Alexander Nevsky” in the city of Kursk. The event was attended by more than 650 schoolchildren of forms 2 - 5.

The schoolchildren learned why it is forbidden to climb poles of power lines, go into premises of substations, get close to dangling wires, how to behave in everyday life with electricity, what kind of threat faulty electrical appliances are.

The classes were accompanied by a demonstration of visual materials, signs and posters warning about the danger of electric shock, showing educational films and videos. The power engineers tried to give useful information in the form of a game. So, the children learned to move around with the “goose step” from an imaginary dangling wire to a safe distance, they were happy to try on a real electrician uniform, boots, and a protective helmet. Also, employees of the industrial safety and production control department of the branch showed the children on the “Gosha” training manikin simulator the skills of providing first aid to victims of electric shock.

“Electrical safety lessons teach children not only the skills of safe handling of electricity, but also help instil a sense of responsibility for their behaviour in children,” stresses Irina Glagoleva, the deputy director for educational work at school No. 55 in the city of Kursk.

Kurskenergo’s specialists conduct work on the prevention of children’s injuries throughout the school year as part of a comprehensive program for prevention of injuries to third parties at Rosseti Centre’s facilities. By the end of the year, the power engineers plan to conduct at least 400 classes in which more than six thousand children will take part.

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