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Power engineers of Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo complete restoration of electricity supply to consumers interrupted by a cyclone


On 30 January, in the Belgorodsky, Rakityansky, Grayvoronsky, Krasnoyruzhsky, Yakovlevsky, Ivnyansky, Korochansky, Prokhorovsky, Gubkinsky and Starooskolsky districts of the region, weather conditions began to deteriorate, accompanied by gusts of wind of more than 20 m/s, wet snow with rain, snow sticking to wires at temperatures from -1 to +2°C.

The main reasons for the outages were technological disruptions caused by wire whipping and breakage due to strong winds, breaking of poles and destruction of insulators on overhead power lines.

The branch took all measures for the speedy restoration of power supply, introduced a high-availability mode, set up a crisis management centre for coordination of emergency recovery work, and personnel switched to the round-the-clock mode of operation. Work on the elimination of the consequences of the bad weather continued all night. 78 crews and 155 specialized vehicles were involved in the emergency recovery operations. In order to quickly restore energy supply to consumers, 22 additional crews and 28 vehicles were sent from the Shebekinsky, Valuisky, Krasnogvardeisky, Chernyansky, Novooskolsky Distribution Zones, as well as from Belgorod and Stary Oskol.

By 6:00 am, all 6-10 kV power lines were operating.

At the moment, there are only a few complaints from residents about outages in 0.4 kV grids in the Belgorodsky, Rakityansky, Grayvoronsky, Yakovlevsky, Ivnyansky, Prokhorovsky, Gubkinsky and Starooskolsky districts.

The disaster recovery operations will continue until power supply is fully restored to consumers.

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