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Voronezhenergo’s specialists restored normal operation of electric grids, broken by bad weather


Power engineers of the branch “Rosseti Centre Voronezhenergo” promptly eliminated technological disruptions caused by a sharp deterioration in weather conditions in the form of gusty winds and precipitation in the form of wet snow. By 5 am, the energy supply to consumers of all categories was fully restored.

Please, be reminded that on 30 January, due to wet snow sticking to wires of overhead power lines, technological violations were recorded that caused massive power outages in the Khokholsky, Semiluksky and Novousmansky districts of the Voronezh region, and therefore, the high-availability mode was introduced in the branch “Rosseti Centre Voronezhenergo”. Repair crews of Voronezhenergo began to promptly eliminate technological violations from the very beginning of the bad weather. Their actions were coordinated by the operational headquarters under the leadership of Acting Deputy General Director - Director of the branch “Rosseti Centre Voronezhenergo” Vyacheslav Antonov. The restoration of power supply involved 16 crews of first responding mobile crews and 30 vehicles.

“At the moment, the weather conditions have returned to normal, the electric grid complex is operating in a stable mode, the power supply to consumers has been restored in full, the full readiness mode has been cancelled from 9:00, the branch is operating normally,” stressed Vyacheslav Antonov, the head of the operational headquarters.

If necessary, consumers can contact the toll-free round-the-clock direct line of power engineers by calling 8 800-50-50-115 or short number 13-50 (for landlines). In addition, residents of the region can report on the existing problems related to power supply through the All-Russian Internet portal “Light Country” (https://светлаястрана.рф), created by Rosseti to maximize the ease of interaction between power grid specialists and consumers.

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