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In 2019 Smolenskenergo provided its personnel with modern protective equipment for safe work


In 2019, the branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” spent 56.97 million rubles on measures aimed at reducing risks of industrial injuries, fulfilling the requirements of regulatory legal acts on labour protection, and improving sanitary conditions of personnel. The investments made it possible to provide the branch’s staff with a sufficient amount of modern protective equipment, tools and devices to ensure safe work.

Important in the field of labour protection are measures to prevent occupational diseases and improve working conditions of personnel. Last year, a special assessment of the working conditions was carried out at 570 workplaces in the branch in accordance with applicable law. The working conditions of the workplaces of employees were evaluated, measures were developed to improve the working conditions, where harmful production factors were identified.

One of the important areas of work is training employees in safe working methods, increasing knowledge in the field of labour protection and safety. First of all, we checked the knowledge of the rules on labour protection during the operation of electrical installations, the rules of technical operation and the fire safety rules in Rosseti’s electric grid complex, and we also tested the skills of providing first aid to victims of accidents. In 2019, according to the schedule, 250 managers and specialists of the branch passed the knowledge test with the central commission of the branch, more than 3,000 employees with commissions of subdivisions.

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