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Yaroslavl power engineers were thanked for the festive illumination of the city


The head of the territorial administration of the Zavolzhsky district of the city of Yaroslavl, Andrey Mamontov, presented a letter of thanks to the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” for its assistance in organizing the festive decoration of the Zavolzhsky district.

On the eve of the New Year holidays, the branch’s specialists connected holiday trees, illuminations and string lights, steles at the entrance to the Zavolzhsky district of the city of Yaroslavl, to power grids. The power engineers worked on decorating Komsomolskaya, Pervomaiskaya, Bolshaya Oktyabrskaya, Nekrasov, Nakhimson, Deputatskaya Streets and Tolbukhin Avenue to create a festive mood among citizens for a long weekend.

In addition to the aesthetic component, when connecting the illuminations, special attention was paid to the safe operation of electrical equipment. Throughout the New Year holidays, round-the-clock duty of dispatch and technical services, employees of operating and repair crews, duty officers of substations of branches and managers was organized at the Yarenergo branch.

Please, be reminded that also since January, the energy company, together with the mayor’s office of the city of Yaroslavl, has begun restoring the outdoor lighting system of the regional centre. Currently, the specialists of the Yarenergo branch have replaced more than 600 lamps and repaired more than 300 fixtures, are checking the system, and identifying malfunctions in the operation of lighting devices. The production base, the availability of our own fleet of specialized vehicles and qualified personnel allow Yarenergo to carry out high-quality repair and installation work, as well as to modernize street lighting systems, including using energy-efficient technologies, in accordance with the GOST requirements and wishes of the customer.

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