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Tverenergo modernizes relay protection and automation devices at substations


The branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo” carried out activities to modernize 110 kV emergency control devices at key power centres in several districts of the region. At six substations of 110 kV - Redkino, Lazurnaya, Likhoslavl, Ostashkov, DVP and Vyshny Volochek, modern microprocessor-based automation systems for eliminating asynchronous operation of domestic production were installed.

Sets of protection devices for short and long backup on microprocessor devices were also installed and put into operation at the 110 kV distribution centre “Kashin” for the 110 kV overhead lines “Zobnino-Kashin”, “Kashin-Inyakino”, “Kashin-Bezhetsk” and at the 110 kV supply centre “Torzhok” for the 110 kV overhead line “Torzhok- Kuvshinovo”.

The purpose of relay protection and automation devices is to constantly monitor the operation of power supply systems, detect faulty sections and switch them off quickly, or inform staff about damage or abnormal conditions, as well as resuming power to consumers after emergency outages. Due to the reliable operation of the relay protection and automation system, losses are reduced in case of equipment damage and undersupply of electricity to consumers in the event of technological violations is decreased.

The installed relay protection system will automatically isolate the faulty section of the line, thereby significantly reducing the number of disconnected consumers and minimizing consequences of technological disruptions in the operation of the power grid.

The expanded functionality of the new devices allows timely identification and isolation of a faulty section of the grid without interrupting the operation of the entire power system. The new protection devices are made on a modern high-tech element base with the use of microprocessor technology, which in the future will allow integrating the substation electrical equipment into a single system provided for by the digitalization concept of the electric grid complex.

“The new high-tech power equipment will improve the reliability of power supply to system-level transit lines supplying electricity to large district centres of the Tver region and such socially significant facilities as the Tver section of the Oktyabrskaya Railway, the Zavidovo state-owned complex, and the “Coral” agricultural complex,” stresses Deputy General Director - Director of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo” Manvel Mazhonts. “We strive for a stable change in reducing the failure rate and for this we are putting all our efforts and means into modernizing the grids that feed settlements of the region.”

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