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More than 3.2 thousand schoolchildren repeated the rules of electrical safety with Smolenskenergo’s employees


In 2019, the branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” carried out work to implement a program to reduce risks of injuries to third parties at the branch’s power facilities. The power engineers always pay special attention to awareness-raising events among various groups of the population, including children.

During the year, 107 thematic classes were held with children in children’s health camps and educational institutions of the region, which were attended by 3,210 children and adolescents aged from six to sixteen from different settlements of the Smolensk region. Such preventive work is carried out on a regular basis in the framework of the energy company’s program to prevent third-party injuries. The events were held in all districts of the region without exception.

At the end of the year, winners of the creative works contest “With electricity on first-name terms” were awarded. The contest was organized to popularize professions of employees of the electric grid complex, as well as within measures to prevent children’s electrical injuries and to introduce children to an energy-saving lifestyle. Everyone could participate in the age from 7 to 18 years old. The competition was held in three nominations, one of which was the nomination “I know the rules of electrical safety” - works were taken illustrating the rules and the need to observe careful handling of electricity in everyday life, at work, at power facilities, in the street. The largest number of works was sent on this topic.

In addition to working with children and preventing children’s electrical injuries, the energy specialists pay attention to outreach to adults. Electronic and print media of the Smolensk region contain electrical safety instructions for construction, agricultural and other enterprises, operation of autonomous power sources, instructions for parents and teachers on children’s electrical safety, fire safety, and rules of conduct in a thunderstorm. Information on safety of flights near power lines is sent to aeroclubs of the region. Safety thematic notes near energy facilities were distributed in fishing shops, through the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, in schools, summer camps, and horticultural associations. Residents of the region also learned about the rules of electrical safety from radio programs and television broadcasts.

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