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Yaroslavl power engineers suppressed 658 facts of illegal electricity consumption in the region


The branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” summed up the fight against illegal consumption of electric energy in 2019. The branch’s specialists revealed 570 cases of non-metered and 88 cases of non-contractual electricity consumption in the amount of 23.5 million kWh for a total of over 73 million rubles.

The inspection control group of the branch’s security department specializes in identifying large unscrupulous consumers. Most often, specialists of the group find broken and damaged seals on metering devices, as well as the presence of extraneous devices inside the instrument cases. Similar cases were recorded during the inspection of a museum in the village of Vyatskoye, a shopping centre in Yaroslavl, industrial enterprises in Yaroslavl and Rybinsk, and a health centre in Rybinsk. The damage caused by criminals in each case ranged from 1 to 4 million rubles. Specialists of the security department and the Rybinsky Distribution Zone revealed the largest fact of non-metered electricity consumption at the end of September in one of hotels in the city of Myshkin. Seals were broken on the meter, an extraneous device was installed. Damage from the violation amounted to 10 million 700 thousand rubles. Another common type of violation is an unauthorized connection to electrical grids. In October, employees of the Yarenergo branch discovered a house in the city of Yaroslavl that was unauthorizedly connected to the electric grid. The facility consumed electricity without a contract with an electric grid company. The damage from the crime is about 900 thousand rubles.

For all the facts revealed, the Yarenergo branch wrote a statement to law enforcement agencies. In accordance with the legislation, administrative and criminal liability is provided for such offenses.

Violators sometimes use sophisticated technologies. One of representatives of small business from the city of Yaroslavl installed a special device into the meter, with the help of which he could remotely change the operating mode of the device. But such tricks did not bring him benefits. Yarenergo’s specialists found that the seals of the device were exposed to extraneous effects and, having examined the meter, quickly found a foreign device inside. The damage amounted to more than a million rubles, which the negligent consumer will now have to compensate in court. In addition, he will be held accountable by law.

Due to the fault of violators, voltage drops and failures in electric grids can occur, household appliances can fail. Yaroslavl power engineers urge residents of the region to be vigilant and remind that there is a separate e-mail box, where you can send information about electricity theft. Information can also be transmitted by the helpline of the security department of the Yarenergo branch at 8-980-709-90-80, operating only within the region, or by calling the company’s round-the-clock direct line at 8-800-50-50-115. The call is toll-free.

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