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In 2019 the branch “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo” received more than 68 thousand customer requests


Lipetsk power engineers summed up the results of work with customers for the year.

During the reporting period, the Lipetsk branch of Rosseti Centre received more than 68 thousand requests. 78% of them were submitted by individuals, 22% - by legal entities. Most of the requests were personally submitted by citizens when they visited the Customer Service Centre in Lipetsk and customer service offices in 18 districts of the region.

More than 10 thousand requests were related to the provision of services for connection to electric grids. About 8 thousand customers applied for value-added services. The most popular of the value-added services were the installation and replacement of metering devices and the performance of work related to the competence of customers in the process of connecting to electric grids - more than 3.5 thousand and 2.3 thousand applications were submitted for them, respectively.

Customers also sought services for the maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, the removal of restrictions on the use of land, and the setup of outdoor lighting systems.

Lipetsk power engineers constantly improve the quality of value-added services. In 2019, the emphasis was placed on the service “Setup of outdoor lighting”. Lipetskenergo’s specialists concluded and executed 57 contracts for the modernization of street lighting in 11 districts of the Lipetsk region, replacing a total of about three thousand obsolete street lighting fixtures with LED ones. As part of these works, 131 kilometres of modern self-insulated wire were installed and 258 “smart” metering cabinets were mounted that record the energy consumption and regulate the light depending on the level of illumination.

“Lipetskenergo has all the necessary resources and sufficient potential for timely and high-quality implementation of work on the value-added services. Particular attention is paid to socially significant services, including the setup of street lighting,” stressed Konstantin Drachuk, Deputy General Director - Director of the branch of IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo.

Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo reminds that residents of the Lipetsk region can submit an application for grid connection, as well as the provision of value-added services, by using correspondence channels - the client’s personal account on IDGC of Centre’s website, the electric grid services portal, and also through the Internet portal.

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