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This year Belgorodenergo to repair about 700 km of power lines


Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo has launched its 2020 maintenance and repair program. 704 km of 0.4-110 kV power lines, 686 transformer substations and 6-10 kV distribution points will be prepared for the upcoming autumn-winter period by the energy company, 486 hectares will be cleared of woody and shrubbery vegetation within protected zones.

In the main 35-110 kV grid, equipment repair is planned at 163 high-voltage substations in the region, including the 110/10 kV “Dubovoe” substation, which provides power supply to Belgorod and the settlement of Dubovoe; the 110/35/10 kV “Rovenki” substation, feeding the settlement, nearby villages and a category consumer - the “Rovenki” creamery. Repairs will be carried out at the 110/6 kV “Stroitel” substation, from which the city receives electricity, a number of villages in the Yakovlevsky district and the “Brick-Ceramics” enterprise; in the Starooskolsky urban district - at the 110 kV “Ochistnyie” and “Arkhangelskoye” substations. The first one provides electricity to the city, the second substation feeds the villages of Arkhangelskoye, Khoroshilovo, Dmitriyevka and the agro-industrial holding “PromAgro”.

During the work on the substation equipment the power engineers will replace 13 utility transformers, 42 inputs of 35-110 kV and more than 600 porcelain support insulators with polymer silicone ones, will perform current repairs of power transformers, 175 circuit breakers of 6-110 kV and 153 disconnectors.

This year, the power engineers plan to repair 27 power lines with their own forces: to replace 7 poles of 35 kV overhead lines and 4,429 insulators, to paint over 225 tons of metal structures, to clear 28 hectares of routes of power lines. The longest sections are the 110 kV Conductor Stary Oskol - Central No. 1 (60.5 km), 110 kV Conductor Cheremoshnoye - Dolbino (50.4 km), 35 kV Conductor Alekseyevka - Varvarovka with a tap to the “Aleinikovo” substation (40.6 km), 110 kV Conductor GTU CHPP Luch - Cheremoshnoye (40.4 km), 35 kV Conductor Chernyanka - M. Troitsa (29.5 km).

The program of maintenance and repair of electric grid facilities is aimed at ensuring uninterrupted operation of power equipment in the autumn-winter period. In preparation for the last year’s heating season, the branch implemented 88% of the program with its own forces. This year, without the involvement of contractors, 90% of the total amount of work will be done, in particular, the entire repair of 0.4-10 kV lines and substations.

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