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Yarenergo began to restore the street lighting system of the city of Yaroslavl


The branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo”, together with the city mayor, is starting work on servicing the outdoor lighting system in Yaroslavl. Corresponding one-time contracts are concluded between the municipal public institution “Agency for Municipal Housing and Utilities” of the city of Yaroslavl and the Yarenergo branch. The issue of providing this service by the branch on an ongoing contractual basis is being resolved.

Already in January, the Yaroslavl power engineers replaced about 200 lamps with new ones and repaired more than 80 lighting fixtures in different districts of the regional centre, eliminated identified defects on power lines.

Nine specialized vehicles and the same number of special crews consisting of 28 people were allocated in Yarenergo, who check the system and identify malfunctions in the operation of lighting fixtures in city streets and courtyards. The power engineers are also working on restoring the aesthetic component of lighting fixtures in the city, selecting the appropriate colour temperature of the lamps during work.

It should be noted that since 2018, third-party organizations that did not have the necessary technical resources and qualified personnel were engaged in the street lighting services. As a result of untimely maintenance, individual elements of the lighting system now require labourious repairs and maintenance, in some cases - exclusively in replacement.

According to Vladimir Pleschev, First Deputy Director - Chief Engineer of the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo”, this process is not fast: “It takes up to 30 minutes to inspect one lighting fixture and replace one lamp, serious violations may require significantly more time.” However, the qualifications of Yarenergo’s specialists allow to perform these tasks in the shortest possible time.

The production base, the availability of its own fleet of specialized vehicles and qualified personnel allow Yarenergo to carry out high-quality repair and installation work, as well as to modernize street lighting systems, including using energy-efficient technologies, in accordance with the GOST requirements and wishes of the customer.

For reference:
In accordance with Article 14 of Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated 06.10.2003 N 131-FZ “On the General Principles of the Organization of Local Self-Government in the Russian Federation”, the organization of improvement of settlements (including street lighting) refers to issues of local importance, that is, responsibility for organization and expenses for maintenance of outdoor lighting networks assigned to local governments. Specialized organizations are directly involved in the setup of street lighting on a contractual basis.

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