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Tambovenergo saves more than 14 million rubles a year thanks to the work of equipment repair workshops


A workshop for repairing power transformers of 6-10 kV is fully operational at the branch “Rosseti Centre Tambovenergo”. The subdivision is organized at the repair and production base of the Rasskazovsky Distribution Zone and serves the entire electric grid complex of the branch.

The workshop is equipped with the necessary technological equipment. Repairs involve trained, specially qualified personnel who perform disassembly, fault detection, mechanical and fitting work, conduct pre-repair and acceptance tests, manufacture windings, complete, assemble and re-trim transformers. In total, 171 units of power equipment were repaired this year.

In total, in addition to the Rasskazovsky Distribution Zone, the branch has four equipment repair workshops in the Zherdevsky, Kirsanovsky, Morshansky and Michurinsky Distribution Zones that specialize in the manufacture of metal structures and repair of transformer cabinets. A total of 27 highly qualified specialists work at five sites, who on average produce more than 6,000 metal structures per year, repair more than 60 cabinets and 170 transformers. Thanks to this, the company manages to save more than 14 million rubles a year.

“The work of the electrical equipment repair subdivisions can significantly accelerate the production cycle and reduce the cost of implementing the repair program due to the refusal of contractors’ services,” stresses Nikolay Bogomolov, Deputy General Director - Director of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tambovenergo”.

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