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Kurskenergo provides uninterrupted power supply to consumers in the heating season


According to the Grid Control Centre of the branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo”, there are no disturbances in the operation of the main equipment, the power system is operating normally.

Reliability, stable supply of electricity to consumers is the result of high-quality preparation of electric grid facilities of the enterprise for a period of low temperatures, timely implementation of technical and organizational measures. Such an assessment is reflected in the final certificate of the Upper-Don Directorate of Rostekhnadzor in the Kursk region, after an on-site inspection of the branch’s readiness for work in the heating season.

In preparation for the winter season, Kurskenergo completed the repair program and repaired the equipment of 24 substations, including such significant substations as “Glushkovo”, “Paniki”, “STK”, “Ivnitsa”, which provide electricity to socially significant facilities of the Glushkovsky, Medvensky, Zheleznogorsky and Sudzhansky districts of the Kursk region.

They conducted five specialized trainings according to the plan to introduce schedules for temporarily shutting down the consumption of electric energy (power), 30 emergency response trainings on personnel actions under conditions typical of work in the autumn-winter period. With the active participation of the branch’s management, joint exercises were conducted on working out interaction during emergency/emergency response in the Kursk region’s electric grid complex with the participation of Kurskenergo’s personnel, Chernozemnaya PMES, the General Directorate of the Russian Ministry for Emergencies in the Kursk region.

On the eve of the New Year holidays, Kurskenergo’s specialists took additional measures aimed at improving the reliability of power supply to consumers in the Kursk region. The control over the operation of the equipment of electrical substations has been strengthened, round-the-clock duty of responsible persons from among technical managers has been organized, a clear warning system has been developed in case of fires and technological violations. Additionally, an analysis of the power supply schemes of socially significant and especially important facilities was carried out.

In case of emergencies, 10 mobile crews were formed, with a total number of 74 people, and 21 specialized vehicles are available. To ensure temporary energy supply to consumers, the branch’s specialists can use 107 backup power supply sources with a total capacity of 1,583 kW.

Kurskenergo’s management warns that theft of wires from overhead power lines, unauthorized entry into switchgear premises, climbing poles of existing overhead lines - all these actions can cause equipment to be turned off and power supply to the consumers interrupted, causing serious harm to health.

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