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A new building of the production base of the Left Bank section was opened in the Tutaevsky Distribution Zone


In the constructed building of the Left Bank section of the Tutaevsky Distribution Zone of the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo”, conditions were created for comfortable work of 18 people. It will house three crews for maintenance of distribution grids and diagnostics of electrical equipment, employees of the mechanization and transport service, and an electrician on duty. Their service area includes maintenance and repair of distribution grids located on the left bank of the Tutaevsky district.

The opening of the new building is part of a large-scale program to modernize the Tutaevsky Distribution Zone. This year, as part of the “Digital Distribution Zone” project, the distribution grid of the Tutaevsky district was reconstructed, 26 reclosers and 10 sets of controllable disconnectors, 64 short circuit indicators were installed. Modern equipment will allow to segment the electrical grid, identify faulty sections and make switching remotely automatically. At the same time, a comprehensive energy monitoring system was implemented - 10/0.4 kV transformer substations equipped with telemetry devices will provide voltage control at all 0.4 kV outgoing feeders and transfer data to Yarenergo’s Grid Control Centre.

The modernization of the Tutaevsky Distribution Zone will increase reliability, make dispatch control effective, and reduce the response time to emergencies, avoiding long-term restrictions on the power supply to consumers. In the near future, the power engineers will develop remote control of equipment and switch to digital communication.

After the opening ceremony of the new building of the production base, which coincided with the professional holiday - the Power Engineers’ Day, the employees of the Tutaevsky Distribution Zone were awarded with certificates and letters of thanks at their new workplaces.

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