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Tambovenergo saved about seven million kilowatt-hours of electricity


The branch “Rosseti Centre Tambovenergo”* summed up the implementation of the energy conservation and energy efficiency program for 11 months of 2019. The total effect of its implementation amounted to 6.81 million kWh.

The main amount of savings - 6.249 million kWh - was obtained from the implementation of organizational measures to reduce losses, including disconnecting transformers in low-load conditions at substations with two or more transformers, disconnecting transformers with seasonal loads, and also equalizing phase loads in distribution grids of 0.38 kV.

555.78 thousand kWh were saved thanks to the implementation of technical measures: replacing wires with a larger cross-section for overloaded power lines and replacing wires of taps of overhead lines in residential buildings with self-supporting insulated wire. In addition, it saved 192.81 thousand kWh of electricity used for utility needs.

“The branch pays serious attention to the implementation of the energy saving and energy efficiency programs. This allows us to annually reduce electric energy losses and decrease the consumption of fuel and energy resources spent on production and business needs. In addition, Tambovenergo holds events aimed at popularizing energy conservation among both workers and consumers,” stressed Nikolay Bogomolov, Deputy General Director - Director of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tambovenergo”.

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