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Belgorodenergo awarded winners of the V regional contest of children’s projects “Energy and Man”


Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo (a branch of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo) held an awarding ceremony for winners of the V annual regional contest “Energy and Man”. Twenty pupils of the region’s schools received awards for the best projects and research on innovations in the electric grid complex, electrical safety and energy conservation.

The scientific and creative competition was held in two nominations in three age categories: from 7 to 17 years. About 50 young talents from 14 districts of the region took part in it. Some were engaged in research activities, others presented models of their developments.

The deputy chief engineer - head of the high-voltage grids department of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo, Mikhail Malykhin, rewarding the winners, recalled that the fifth anniversary of the contest coincided with the start of the Digital Transformation 2030 concept in the country’s energy sector. “New technologies come associated with the digitalization of electric grid processes, the guys see the changes taking place in the grids, and each year present more thoughtful and interesting works related to innovation. These are our future colleagues, the future of the country, the future of those processes that invariably go with digital technologies,” he stressed.

The chief specialist of the Department of Education of the Belgorod Region Yevgenia Kovalevskaya and Director of the Institute of Energy, Information Technologies and Control Systems of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov Alexander Belousov congratulated the schoolchildren on the victory in the competition and successfully implemented projects. He approved the children’s desire to do exact sciences and reminded that winners and prize-winners of the competition will be awarded extra points when they enter the Technological University.

According to the results of the contest, the research project “Generation of NEXT, or how to get a lot of cheap electricity” of the winner of last year’s contest, a pupil of the third grade Alexander Romanov (the Komsomolskaya secondary school of the Belgorodsky district) and practical work related to alternative energy, a pupil of the fourth grade of the Troitskaya secondary school of the Gubkinsky district Alexandra Sokolova were in the lead in the younger age group.

In the middle age category by the number of points scored, the winners were the practical work of a fifth-grader from Starooskolsky secondary school No. 18 Aleksey Diaghilev “Organization of energy-efficient street lighting using digital technologies” and the theoretical work “Smart energy in the city of the future” prepared by a repeated prize winner Maxim Shaydorov, a pupil of grade 6 of school number 11 in the city of Belgorod.

In the older age group, the work of Anna Merzlikina, a pupil of grade 11 of Razumenskaya school No. 2, “Assessing the electrical safety of her own apartment” and the research project “Improving the efficiency of using led spotlights using Peltier elements” of the ninth grader Ivan Litvinov (Krasnoyruzhskaya secondary school No. 1) were recognized as the best.

According to the schoolchildren, the competition helps them broaden their horizons, gain new knowledge about the physical world, engineering specialties and energy, which is an important industry for the country’s economy.

Please, be reminded that the annual children’s contest “Energy and Man” has been held in the region since 2015 at the initiative of Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo together with the Department of Education of the Belgorod Region and the Belgorod State Technological University named after Shukhov. Over the past years, about 400 schoolchildren took part in it, many of whom plan to connect their lives with the exact sciences. The power engineers see future colleagues in these talented guys and are ready to help in the formation of professional skills of those who are to determine the future development of the region’s grid facilities.

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