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Smolenskenergo awarded winners of the creative works contest “With electricity on first-name terms”


Specialists of the branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” on the eve of their professional holiday, the Power Engineers’ Day, awarded winners of the children’s drawing contest “With electricity on first-name terms”. The competition was organized with the aim of popularizing the professions of employees of the electric grid complex, as well as within activities to prevent children’s electrical injuries and to introduce children to an energy-saving lifestyle. Everyone could participate in the age from 7 to 18 years. The largest number of works came from the art studios “Nature-Artist” and “Inspiration” of the Mayak Children’s Club in the city of Smolensk. The award ceremony took place in library number 3 named after B.L. Vasilyev in the city of Smolensk, with which the power engineers have collaborated for the second year, jointly organizing various thematic events.

The contest was held in three categories. In the first nomination - “I know the rules of electrical safety” - works were taken that illustrate the rules and the need to observe careful handling of electricity in everyday life, at work, at power facilities, in the street. The winners were Danila Savchenkov, Milana Efremenkova and Yury Kudinov.

Within the framework of the nomination “Ways of energy saving”, works were evaluated that illustrate the methods and the need to save electric energy. Drawings of Anastasia Tereschenkova, Elizaveta Shibaeva and Maria Tomshina were recognized as the best. The third nomination “Energy - it sounds proudly” was the most difficult for children. Only two works were sent to the contest, illustrating the features of the energy profession. Ksenia Vysotskaya and Daria Platonova were awarded with diplomas of degrees 1 and 2.

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