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Yarenergo evaluated modern technologies for diagnosing electrical equipment


A seminar “New generation digital electrotechnical laboratories” was held at the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” for heads of diagnostic services of branches of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga Region. The event was attended by representatives of development companies and manufacturers of modern domestic equipment.

“The reliability of the electric grid complex is largely determined by the reliability of its elements - power transformers, cable lines, substation equipment. High-quality diagnostic work allows to identify possible defects in early stages and take timely measures to eliminate them. The equipment of the new generation, equipped with digital control systems, can increase the efficiency of the work and at the same time reduce the labour intensity for staff,” stressed Vladimir Pleschev, First Deputy Director - Chief Engineer of the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo”, at the opening of the seminar. 

In the transition from scheduled repairs to the system of repairs according to the technical condition, which is observed in the energy industry, the requirements for the diagnostic system of electrical equipment change qualitatively. The main task of the diagnostic sphere is to forecast the technical condition for a relatively long period. The solution to this problem is possible only with the improvement of methods, development and application of new equipment. Manufacturing companies presented their developments in this area at the seminar. The developers presented specialized software for automation of control systems for electric laboratories and intelligent systems for recognizing defects in electrical equipment, showed modern instruments for diagnosing the condition of cable lines.

On the example of a modern digital electric laboratory, which was launched this year by the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” and which is the development of a Yaroslavl plant, a demonstration of part of the equipment presented at the seminar took place. This laboratory is designed to conduct a full range of technical diagnostics, search for cable line fault points, test substation equipment, and has shown its convenience in operation by controlling all the testing and measurement processes using a computer. Currently, Yarenergo, together with the manufacturer, is finalizing the software package to ensure the transfer of test and measurement results to the corporate data collection system of the branch, adapting it to the requirements of Rosseti Centre.

At the seminar, reports and explanations on changes in the procedure of technical examination of equipment, buildings and structures of electric power facilities in connection with the release of a new Order of the Ministry of Energy (No. 465 dated 14 May 2019) and regarding the features of the methodology for calculating the health indices of 110 kV power transformers were announced. Analysis of the technical condition of these transformers is one of the main indicators, on the basis of which the Ministry of Energy assesses the readiness of branches for the autumn-winter period.

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