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Kostroma high school students learned the work of Kostromaenergo


The branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” held an Open Doors Day for high school students. It was visited by about a hundred students of grades 10-11 from five schools of Kostroma.

The tour began at the Museum of the History of the Energy System of the Kostroma region. The specialists of the branch told the young people about the formation and development of the electric grid complex of the region, about the main activities of Kostromaenergo. Using an electrification card, the students learned when the first lines and substations were constructed in the region, which facilities are currently being upgraded. And on the interactive site “Rational and safe use of energy” they were presented with modern energy-saving equipment and given advice on the economical use of household appliances and electrical appliances.

In Kostromaenergo’s Grid Control Centre (GCC), which collects all information about the status of substations and overhead power lines, the young people were demonstrated how to remotely control power facilities, how modern technologies help personnel monitor online the work of field crews, and get data what they need for analysis and decision making.

Tours for schoolchildren are held in Kostromaenergo on an ongoing basis, and Distribution Zones actively participate in them, where Open Doors Days are also organized. During this year, about eight hundred high school students of the city and the region got acquainted with the work of the Kostroma branch of Rosseti Centre.

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