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Since the beginning of the year Kurskenergo filed 172 lawsuits in the court to recover receivables from consumers


The branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” continues to systematically reduce receivables for electricity transmission services.

One of its most effective areas is the claim-related activity. From January to November 2019, Kurskenergo managed to obtain positive court decisions under 102 cases for a total amount of claims of more than 180 million rubles. As a result of these decisions, 83 enforcement orders were received in the amount of 98.42 million rubles, of which 22.43 million rubles have already been paid. The debtors paid voluntarily the claims in the amount of 82 million rubles before the issuance of writs of execution.

However, despite the positive results, the debt problem remains extremely urgent for the electric grid enterprise. As of 1 December 2019, Kurskenergo has overdue receivables of 641 million rubles.

The employees of the branch will continue the work on the debt collection using all the mechanisms provided for by the current legislation. The funds received for the provision of electricity transmission services are used to implement Kurskenergo’s production programs.

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