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Tambov power engineers held an Open Doors Day for schoolchildren


Specialists of Rosseti Centre Tambovenergo* organized an Open Doors Day, as part of which they conducted an excursion for schoolchildren of the Ustyinsky secondary school of the Morshansky district of the Tambov region.

As part of the event, the Tambov power engineers told the schoolchildren about the rules of conduct near power plants, about the danger of electric shock, and also reminded the need to be careful in handling household appliances. Everyone could try on modern means of protection for electricians and masters on themselves.

During the tour, the employees of the Morshansky Distribution Zone introduced the schoolchildren to the Distribution Zone and the control room. The guests learned how the electric grid complex of the district is managed and got acquainted with the work of the dispatcher.

“Tambovenergo constantly holds such events for schoolchildren and students of Tambov and the Tambov region. Such meetings help children form a practical idea of working in the energy sector, and for the energy company it is an opportunity to interest young people in the energy profession. The continuity of generations, the exchange of experience, the constant desire to meet youth are important areas for training of future staff of the branch,” stressed Nikolay Bogomolov, Deputy General Director - Director of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tambovenergo”.

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