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Yarenergo joined the All-Russian action “Days in the profession”


Specialists of the branch “Rosseti Centre Yarenergo” conducted a sightseeing tour for freshmen at the Yaroslavl Automotive College, students majoring in the technical operation and maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment.

The students were shown the Grid Control Centre (GCC), which is a kind of “brain” of the region’s electric grid complex. It is in the central control centre that all information from substations and power lines flows, from here the dispatch control of power facilities is carried out. The young people were told about the profession of a dispatcher, what skills and abilities he should have in order to navigate in case of emergencies and, keeping cool, competently manage their elimination. They were explained how modern technologies help operating personnel monitor the operation of energy facilities that can be located anywhere in the region. The guests were able to communicate with the dispatchers and ask questions about the features of their work.

The specialists of Yarenergo devoted the other part of the excursion to the history of the Yaroslavl energy system, which the future power engineers learned in the museum of the same name on the territory of the “Severnaya” substation. The museum has collected exhibits from the time the first small city power station was built by a Belgian company, the power of which was enough only for tram and street lighting of central streets. It is easy to trace from them what history the Yaroslavl energy system went through and what challenges it faced in its path. 

“The young people are in their first year, maybe they still do not fully understand the essence of the chosen specialty. The today’s tour helped them learn more about what professional qualities a power engineer should have and how high the responsibility is for this work,” stressed Irina Vinogradova, the headmaster of the group.

The event was held within the framework of the action “Days in the profession” of the joint project of the organization “Russia is a country of opportunities” and the All-Russia People’s Front “Professional training 2.0”. Its main goals are to show the work of a modern enterprise from the inside, to increase the prestige of engineering and working professions.

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