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Smolenskenergo’s employee became a finalist of the regional competition “I-Leader”


Andrey Kolotukhin, a leading specialist of the prospective development section of the branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo”, entered the top thirty following the results of the first regional competition “I-LEADER”, organized on the initiative of Governor of the Smolensk Region Alexey Ostrovsky. The purpose of the contest is to identify leaders for the Smolensk region management sphere.

During the stages of the competition, participants passed tests on knowledge of the fundamentals of the Russian state system, social science, organization management, state and municipal government, and made a video presentation. The expert assessment of the video presentation and the test results became a pass for participation in the intramural module for the 30 best of more than 400 participants.

The representative of Smolenskenergo reached the finals and took part in the in-person session, which included lectures, master classes, meetings with representatives of the Smolensk Regional Administration, and design work.

“The program of the in-person session was designed in such a way as to assess the ability of participants to solve tasks in conditions of maximum employment during the day. At the same time, along with trainings and master classes, the program provided for excursions and classes in the gym,” said Andrey Kolotukhin. “During the in-person session, I was developing a project for installation of electric charging stations for electric vehicles. Given the rapidly increasing number of electric vehicles, I think the development of infrastructure for their operation is the most promising for the Smolensk region.”

Andrey Kolotukhin has been working at Smolenskenergo for over 11 years. For professionalism and fruitful work for the benefit of the region’s energy sector, he was awarded the Gratitude of Smolenskenergo and the Certificate of Merit of the Administration of the city of Smolensk.

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