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Kurskenergo provides reliable power supply to consumers during the autumn-winter maximum loads


The branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” completed the preparations of the electric grid complex of the Kursk region for the heating season of 2019-2020. Since the beginning of the autumn-winter maximum of loads, the branch’s energy system has been operating stably.

The timely implementation of technical and organizational measures allowed to successfully prepare electric grid facilities of the enterprise for the period of low temperatures and ensure reliable power supply to consumers in the region.

Particular attention was paid to the repair work. In total, the power engineers repaired equipment at 24 substations of 35-110 kV. Among them are important substations: the substations 110/35/10 “Glushkovo”, 110/10 “Paniki”, 110/10 “STK”, 110/10 “Ivnitsa”, which provide electricity to socially significant facilities of the Glushkovsky, Medvensky, Zheleznogorsky and Sudzhansky districts of the Kursk region. On overhead lines, 14,604 insulators, 298 km of wires and 2,795 poles were replaced, and 1,822 km of overhead lines were repaired. Clearing of more than 900 hectares of routes of power lines was completed.

In accordance with the approved plan, a joint staff exercise was conducted to develop interaction in the conditions of abnormally low outdoor temperatures. In case of emergencies, 10 mobile crews were formed, with a total number of 74 people, and 21 specialized vehicles are available. To ensure temporary energy supply to consumers, the branch’s specialists can use 107 backup power sources with a total capacity of 1,583 kW.

“Qualitatively and on time, the measures taken in preparation for the heating season allow us to go through the winter maximum loads without interruptions in power supply and ensure stable supply of electricity to consumers and important social facilities in the region,” emphasized Vyacheslav Istomin, First Deputy Director - Chief Engineer of Kurskenergo.

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