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Kostromaenergo collected from defaulters in court more than 18 million rubles for transmitted electricity since the beginning of the year


The branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” summed up the work for 9 months of 2019 in collecting receivables for electricity transmission services.

Its important area is the claim-related activity. For 9 months, specialists of the legal unit of Kostromaenergo submitted 21 lawsuits to the court to recover receivables totalling more than 142 million rubles. In 10 cases, including claims filed earlier, decisions were made to recover 18 million rubles in favour of the enterprise.

Currently, 34 claims of the power engineers against unscrupulous payers totalling 382 million rubles are in the production of courts of various instances.

However, despite all efforts, the level of overdue accounts receivable of Kostromaenergo for the transmission of electricity remains high: as of 01.10.2019, it was 412 million rubles. The total amount falls on two debtors: PJSC Kostroma Sales Company (385 million rubles) and OJSC Oboronenergosbyt (27 million rubles).

It should be noted that the actions of non-payers jeopardize the reliability of electricity supply to consumers in the region, since the funds received by Kostromaenergo for the provision of electricity transmission services are used, among other things, to implement production programs. The company will continue to work on collecting receivables, using for this all mechanisms provided for by applicable law.

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