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The first transformer substation appeared in Kurskenergo, decorated with graffiti on the topic of safety


Graffiti appeared on the wall of a transformer substation of the branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” in the central part of the city of Kursk. The subject of the plots is the basic rules of electrical safety, which power engineers are trying to convey to residents through artistic images.

“The project for the design of substations with graffiti is being implemented by the branch as part of a program to prevent third-party electrical injuries,” emphasized Vyacheslav Istomin, the first deputy director and chief engineer of Kurskenergo. “As practice shows, vandal inscriptions appear less often on buildings with graffiti artists’ drawings, therefore, in addition to the function of preventing electric injuries, the successful implementation of the project will save money on the repair and painting of facades of energy facilities in the future.”

Kurskenergo’s experts pay great attention to the prevention of electrical injuries and carry out a whole range of activities for this - organizational, technical and awareness-raising.

In schools, summer camps, orphanages and other institutions, the power engineers conduct electrical safety classes that introduce children and adolescents to the rules of safe behaviour near energy facilities. Kurskenergo provides schools with thematic aids: copies of the children’s book on electrical safety “Energolandia” published with the support of the company, disks with materials on prevention of children’s electrical injuries, class schedules containing electrical safety rules, etc.

In addition, the power engineers regularly organize thematic contests and actions, which invariably cause great interest among children and adolescents. And this time, the first visitors to the graffiti decorated substation were pupils in grades 3–4 of the secondary school “Secondary School No. 60”. 48 children aged 10 to 12 years after a lesson in electrical safety came to the energy facility to meet characters of their favorite cartoons. They warn children and adults about the dangers that may come from electrical installations, power line poles and wires.

“An interesting project: vivid drawings, familiar images and characters - it’s hard not to pay attention to such a substation and to the calls of cartoon characters not to violate electrical safety rules, to be cautious in everyday life,” said Elena Sergeeva, the school’s deputy director for educational work.

Kurskenergo’s specialists intend to continue to take all necessary measures in order to exclude cases of injuries at the branch’s facilities.

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