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Belgorodenergo commissioned 47 MVA of new capacity for 9 months


As part of the implementation of the investment program for 9 months, Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo commissioned 47 MVA of transformer capacity, constructed and reconstructed 366 km of 0.4-110 kV power lines. The volume of capital investments amounted to 1.6 billion rubles (including VAT).

The main funds are aimed at improving reliability, developing feeding centres, reconstructing outdated grids, building infrastructure for connecting land plots of individual housing construction, executing grid connection agreements, implementing digital transformation projects for the region’s electric grid complex.

A major project of the year was the comprehensive modernization of the 35/10 kV Substation “Nikolskoye” in the Belgorodsky district using the digital substation technology. All data on the equipment operation parameters, telemetry, remote control and alarm systems of the modern supply centre are transmitted to the Grid Control Centre via digital data transmission channels. This increased the reliability and quality of power supply to 10 thousand consumers, industrial and social facilities located in the densely populated suburb of Belgorod. The grand opening of the first digital substation in the Central Federal District took place in August this year.

270 million rubles were allocated for the implementation of the program for the technical re-equipment and reconstruction of dilapidated and outdated grids. The power engineers comprehensively upgraded 80 km of lines and about 30 transformer substations of 0.4-10 kV. Another 170 million rubles were spent as part of a program to equip micro-districts of individual housing construction with electric grid infrastructure. The opportunity to connect to the centralized power supply was received by 630 sites of private developers.

390 million rubles of the investment funds were allocated for grid connection of the preferential category of applicants for 9 months. 4,475 individuals and legal entities with a total capacity of 94.55 MW were connected to electric grids, including social institutions and large regional agro-industrial facilities operating under import substitution programs.

Belgorodenergo implements 26 projects as part of the digital transformation program of the electric grid complex. In particular, in the Borisovsky district, work is underway to construct a distributed automated system for managing a 6/10 kV grid and equip telemetry devices for all transformer substations in the district. 80 million rubles were allocated for the implementation of the Digital Distribution project

Belgorodenergo’s investment program in 2019 is planned in the amount of 3.1 billion rubles with VAT. 77 MVA of new capacity will be put into operation, more than 590 km of 0.4-110 kV power lines will be constructed and reconstructed.

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