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An employee of Kostromaenergo won the regional championship “Young Professionals” (WorldSkillsRussia)


The electric welder of the 5th category of the transport mechanization service of the Sharya section of the branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” Vladimir Popov took the second place at the 5th regional championship “Young Professionals” (WorldSkillsRussia), which ended in the Kostroma region.

The championship was held at six venues of specialized secondary and higher educational institutions, 200 masters from all over the region became its participants. The best of them were determined in 33 competencies that are most in demand on the labour market today (a welder, a cook, a pastry chef, a specialist in dry construction and plastering, an electrician, a jeweler, etc.) in three age categories. The skill of the participants was evaluated by 260 experts.

Vladimir Popov became the second in the competence “Welding Technologies”, in which it was proposed to prove themselves to participants in the age category “50+”. According to the results of welding of steel in four ways, he lost only to the representative of the Kostroma plant of automotive components.

“I have been working in the energy sector for 26 years. For the first time I am taking part in competitions of this level. In order to demonstrate at the high level all your skills, it was necessary to have concentration, attention and calmness. I am pleased that I entered the top three in my competence and adequately represented Kostromaenergo,” stressed Vladimir Popov.

The winners of the first places of the WorldSkillsRussia regional championships will go to the qualifying rounds of the All-Russian Championship of Young Professionals. They will be held in several cities of our country. The world championship of young professionals is planned to be held in 2021 in China.

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