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The outcome of Smolenskenergo’s energy conservation and energy efficiency program exceeded expected results


The branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” summed up the work for 9 months of 2019 on the program of energy conservation and energy efficiency. The total effect of energy-saving measures for this period amounted to 2,185 thousand kWh, which exceeded the expected results by 47%. The power engineers carried out technical and organizational measures aimed at reducing electric energy losses during transmission and optimizing the consumption of energy resources for utility needs of substations and household needs of buildings and structures of the branch.

Among technical measures that helped save 561.28 thousand kWh, it is worth noting the replacement of overloaded and underloaded transformers, replacing wires with a larger cross section for overloaded power lines, replacing taps of overhead lines in residential buildings with self-supporting insulated wire (SIW), replacing transformers with energy-saving ones with reduced idle losses under the program of technical re-equipment and reconstruction.

Effective organizational measures carried out over the three quarters of the year were: disconnecting transformers in low-load conditions at substations with two transformers and transformers with seasonal load, balancing phase loads in distribution grids of 0.38 kV and redistributing the load of the main grid through switching operations. The effect of these measures amounted to 1,621 thousand kWh.

The program of energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement also includes measures to optimize the consumption of energy resources for utility needs of substations and household needs of buildings and structures of the branch. Electricity consumption for the utility needs of substations for the reporting period was reduced by 1.29 million kWh compared to the same period in 2018, due to the optimization of the temperature mode in general substation control rooms and indoor switchgears. The consumption of fuel and energy resources for the household needs of the branch in the reporting period was also reduced by 572 tons of fuel equivalent. For 9 months of 2019, measures were taken aimed at saving fuel and energy resources and water for the household needs (replacing lamps for LED ones in lighting fixtures in the amount of 1,060 pieces, monitoring the duration of the heating period of Distribution Zone bases, monthly monitoring of fuel and water consumption limits).

Positive results were also obtained by the progress in identifying facts of non-metered energy consumption. Smolenskenergo’s specialists revealed 257 facts of non-metered electricity consumption of 5.4 million kWh, which allowed to increase the branch’s revenue from electricity transmission services by 11.8 million rubles, and 5 facts of non-contractual electricity consumption of 0.2 million kWh. Currently, claim-related work is ongoing.

According to the results of 9 months, the branch achieved a reduction by 1,365 thousand kWh (14%) from the planned indicators of energy consumption for the household needs and by 19% from the planned indicators - for the utility needs of substations.

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