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Cases of damage to high-voltage power lines by third parties became more frequent in the region


In the Belgorod region, cases of damage to power equipment by third parties have become more frequent. Since the beginning of the year, 115 facts have been recorded. The total amount of damage caused was 843 thousand rubles.

The reason for serious accidents almost became the passage under high-voltage power lines of large-sized agricultural machinery. Two similar cases occurred in September this year in the Gubkinsky and Belgorodsky districts. In the first, the harvester approached the wires of the high-voltage overhead line to an unacceptable distance, which led to a short circuit and, as a result, to the disconnection of the 110 kV “Konshino-Golofeyevka” overhead line.

A week later, a similar case was recorded in the Belgorodsky district. The harvester passing under the line violated the maximum permissible distance; as a result of a short circuit, the 110 kV “Frunzenskaya-Belgorod TPP” overhead line was disconnected with a tap to the 110 kV “Streletskaya” substation. If automation had not worked, in both the first and second cases, the economic damage from under-supply of electricity would amount to tens of millions of rubles.

So, last year, due to a similar accident at the 110 kV “Ivnya-Rakitnoye” power line, part of the settlement of Rakitnoye and five settlements of the district were de-energized for six minutes. About five thousand people remained without power supply. The volume of electricity undersupplied was 0.27 thousand kWh, the economic damage was 7.6 million rubles. After inspecting the line, it turned out that the accident occurred due to the launch of a kite under the overhead line wires and its proximity to an unacceptable distance. A short circuit temporarily disconnected 80 transformer substations in the region.

These and similar actions are a gross violation of the protection zones of power lines, can lead to serious accidents of anthropogenic nature and even death. To avoid troubles, Belgorodenergo strongly recommends observing the security zones of energy facilities established by Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 160 of 24 February 2009.

Drivers of heavy vehicles should follow the rules of movement under power lines and remember that in the security zone of power lines it is strictly forbidden to carry out any loading or unloading operations. Driving under wires is allowed for vehicles with a height of not more than 4.5 metres. For safe passage of vehicles with oversized cargo, it is necessary to contact the nearest Distribution Zone of ​​Belgorodenergo to raise the overhead line to the desired height.

Substations and power lines are under high voltage and pose a life threat. To coordinate any actions in the security zones or in case of damage to power equipment, it is necessary to immediately contact the power engineers by telephone of the direct line of Rosseti Centre at 13-50.

For reference:

In accordance with the “Rules for the establishment of protective zones of electric grid facilities and special conditions for the use of land plots located within the boundaries of such zones”, the protection zone is established along overhead power lines in the form of a land plot and air space bounded by vertical planes that are located on both sides of the line from the extreme wires with their position not deviated at a distance of 10 metres - for overhead lines of 6-10 kV; 15 metres - for overhead lines of 35 kV, 20 metres - for overhead lines of 110 kV. In security zones, any actions are prohibited, which may interfere with the normal operation of electrical grids and lead to damage or accidents. It should be remembered that it is not necessary to touch the power line wire, it is enough to approach it at an unacceptable distance - to 35 kV less than 1 metre, 110 kV and above - less than 1.5 metre to get under the influence of electric current and get serious electrical injury.

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