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More than 250 schoolchildren from districts of the Kursk region participated in lessons on electrical safety


Specialists of the branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” held regular electrical safety lessons in secondary schools of Oboyansky, Kastorensky, Schigrovsky, Gorshechensky districts of the Kursk region. Participants in the events were more than 250 schoolchildren in grades 1-11.

The power engineers reminded the schoolchildren how to behave close to power facilities, talked about how dangerous it is to get on top of poles of power lines, climb trees near a power line, take selfies on the background of electrical installations. The employees of the branch showed the children signs and caution plates that warn of the danger of electric shock. During the thematic lessons, the experts also reminded the children of the safe use of electrical appliances in everyday life and demonstrated training videos with clear examples of electrical safety rules.

At the end of the classes, all the schoolchildren received printing products to consolidate the knowledge gained.

“It is important to instill a culture of safe behaviour near energy facilities from childhood,” stressed Igor Abramov, the head of the labour protection service of Kurskenergo. “That is why our experts regularly remind children of the rules of electrical safety in the street and in everyday life. Informational preventive work to prevent cases of electrical injuries with minors is carried out throughout the year.”

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