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Smolenskenergo fulfilled the 2019 plan for clearing routes of power lines


The branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” summed up the results of readiness for the heating period of 2019-2020. During the year, the branch carries out systematic work to clear routes of power lines from trees and shrubs, which is an obligatory area of ​​the production program. The work to clear routes, planned for 2019, was completed on time. The bulk of the clearing occurred in July, August and September. In total, 2501.26 hectares were cleared of shrubbery and woody vegetation. 68.682 million rubles were spent on these activities.

The largest amount of the work was performed in the Dukhovschinsky, Vyazemsky, Glinkovsky, Safonovsky and Pochinkovsky districts of the Smolensk region. The work was carried out both by contractors with the necessary special equipment, as well as specialists of the company manually using brush cutters and chainsaws.

Measures for clearing routes of overhead lines can significantly reduce the risk of blackouts in the winter due to the fall of trees and branches on power lines and ensure reliable power supply to consumers. Power engineers clear routes annually in preparation for the heating period. Moreover, all planned activities are carried out in strict accordance with labour protection rules and legal requirements.

In the course of the work, the power engineers try not to disconnect lines as much as possible so as not to create inconvenience to electricity consumers.

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