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Kostromaenergo’s fleet added new specialized vehicles


In 2019, the fleet of the branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” added 58 cars and specialized vehicles. Among the purchased vehicles are 11 units of new off-road specialized vehicles - crane-boring machines, auto-hydraulic lifts, a car workshop, and 47 crew vehicles. Cars have good technical characteristics, high-quality equipment and perform well in off-road conditions. Thanks to the renewal of the equipment, power engineers can quickly carry out repairs and eliminate failures and malfunctions in operation of the electric grid complex in all districts of the region, including in remote areas.

In addition, in 2019 the Kostroma branch completed work on equipping the fleet with the GLONAS satellite monitoring system. The GLONASS/GPS vehicle monitoring and control system allows to visually track on electronic maps the location and movement of all vehicles of the branch, record the daily mileage, the trajectory of movement. Thanks to the modern transport monitoring system, the fleet operating costs are reduced and the arrival time of the branch’s on-site crews to the work site is decreased. Ultimately, this leads to an increase in the quality and reliability of power supply.

“The modernization of the fleet, and in particular, the GLONASS implementation, is another step in the digital transformation of the electric grid complex of the Kostroma region. The organization’s availability of modern reliable vehicles is an important criterion for fulfilling planned and operational tasks, and equipping the car fleet of the branch with a satellite navigation system allows not only centralized control of all vehicles, but also more efficient use of specialized cars, and reduction of costs for their operation,” stressed the head of the logistics and supply department of the Kostromaenergo branch Alexey Aleshkov.

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