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Smolensk power engineers told entrepreneurs about the intricacies of the grid connection procedure


The head of the customer service department of the branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” Vladimir Panfilov took part in a seminar with small and medium-sized businesses dedicated to issues of connection to electric grids and the practice of using interactive services: the personal account and the portal of electric grid services “Portal-tp.rf”. The seminar was organized by the Entrepreneurship Support Centre of the Smolensk Region, with which Smolenskenergo has been cooperating for more than a year, successfully conducting joint events. The event was attended by representatives of Dynamics LLC, TK Garant LLC, Agropromteks LLC, Agromir LLC and other companies. Similar meetings of power engineers and business representatives are held quarterly.

Vladimir Panfilov told the businessmen about the procedure for filing applications, about the stages of connection of facilities to Smolenskenergo’s grids, about the work of the personal account on the company’s website ( Currently, it is a convenient and state-of-the-art service that helps consumers save time. With it, customers without a personal visit can, at any convenient time and anywhere, from any device with access to the Internet, apply for connection to electric grids with a maximum capacity of up to 150 kW. The service allows you to further monitor the progress of the application, familiarize yourself with the contract and technical conditions, sign it with an electronic signature and track the change in the stages of the application and the implementation of activities under the agreement on the implementation of grid connection.

“When communicating with entrepreneurs, we often see that people simply do not know about the opportunities that exist today in the company. We try to provide them with the most useful and necessary knowledge. At the seminars we talk in an accessible form about new opportunities and services of the company, answer any questions and try to show a complete and objective picture of the options for receiving services,” stressed Vladimir Panfilov.

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